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 Withholding information is a simple but effective tactic used by claims adjusters to gain an unfair advantage. These people did not ask to be injured and as a result experience a serious disruption in their quality of life. Most would like nothing more to reach a fair agreement quickly and quietly and move on with their life.
Today the injury claims process has been engineered and evolved over time to work in the best interest of the insurance. The industry leader in applied research, Pacific Liability, bridges the gap created by the non-disclosure of liability coverages.
Utilizing a company-wide investigative workflow, proprietary trade secrets and research methods, and dozens of public and private databases, Pacific Liability, continues to be the #1 choice of plaintiff attorneys' requiring fast and accurate coverage information for their clients' cases.
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Insurance Coverage Assessment and Discovery

Pacific Liability Research offers security in understanding the complete ins and outs of your client's injury claim. Stop guessing and finally take control of the claims process.

Within the process, Pacific Liability, provides invaluable insights into your client's incident and the policy coverages in place covering the liability.

Before advising medical treatment for your client, verify available insurance coverage with an Insurance Assessment- where all results will be reviewed by our Quality Control team- cross-referencing and verifying a second time to assure quality and accuracy for all cases processed.

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"The due diligence your personal injury case deserves. You won't find another company in the industry as innovative and compassionate as Pacific Liability."

"This is the company to turn to when you need information on the existence or limits of an insurance policy- Pacific Liability gets the info!"

"Knowing the insurance limits for a defendant is essential when formulating case strategy. Pacific Liability delivers quick and accurate results so that you have all the information necessary to maximize your client's recovery."



Woman Attacked by Defendant on Illicit Substance

A woman (the plaintiff) was walking down the street when she was brutally attacked by a man who had taken an illicit substance in his home prior to leaving. The man (defendant) owned multiple properties across state lines, and our client requested information pertaining to any homeowner's insurance policies and/or umbrella policies that may have been active on the date of the assault.


Insurance Carrier Discovery

Pacific Liability conducted a search of the defendant's assets and background to find that he owned a homeowner's insurance policy active on the date of loss.


Using the information we obtained about the defendant and his active homeowner's insurance policy, our client was able to file an injury claim on behalf of the injured party. We provide the pertinent information to the insurance policy (i.e. the insurance carrier, policy number, and policy effective dates) which allowed this to be possible. In turn, the woman was able to be fairly compensated for her medical bills, loss of wages, and pain & suffering.


Accident Involving DUI Hit & Run

A man driving under the influence of alcohol caused an accident and initiated a subsequent hit & run. He was later apprehended. Our client believed his bodily injury coverage to be a minimum of $250,000, with the possibility of active umbrella coverage. We were provided with a single address for the defendant with no additional identifying information.


Insurance Carrier Discovery + Limits Evaluation

Pacific Liability conducted a search for the apprehended defendant's insurance coverage and confirmed our client's suspicions of a bodily injury liability policy worth $250,000/$500,000. Also discovered was a personal umbrella policy active on the date of loss, with a limit of $1,000,000.


In as little as six hours, results applicable to the claims in question were found and results returned. Using this insurance information, our client was then able to demand and maximize a settlement for his injured client who was not at fault for the accident.


Children Sexually Abused at In-Home Daycare

The defendant owned an in-home family daycare that was in operation for over 30 years. He was arrested for sexually abusing children at the daycare during a specific time frame. The plaintiff (victim's mother) did not know the exact date of the abuse, but her child attended the daycare between the dates that the defendant admitting to assaulting multiple children.

Pacific Liability's client requested the search of any insurance policies that the daycare (or daycare owners) may have had that could potentially cover the sexual abuse of the victim. The client also requested the coverage limits of any policies found.


Insurance Carrier Discovery + Limits Evaluation

Pacific Liability conducted a search of the defendant's assets and background, revealing an active homeowner's insurance policy effective on the estimated date of loss with bodily injury liability limits of $300,000.


By discovering the defendant's applicable insurance information, our client was able to file an injury claim with the provided insurance company on behalf of his represented sexual abuse victim. Evidence determined that the defendant sexually abused as many as 8 children under the age of 10 in the home while the daycare was in operation. The discovered insurance carrier accepted the claim and filed on behalf of our client's abused party, and the victim(s) were compensated accordingly.

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To date, our highly trained staff has located and identified over $100,000,000+ in previously unknown liability coverage. PLR offers our clients the ability to confidently guide injured clients through their medical treatment while maximizing the compensation they are legally entitled to.

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Liability evaluations

Evaluation of the at-fault party's applicable liability coverage so you know exactly what your client is entitled to in fair compensation.

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Ensure maximum settlements

Execute custom treatment plans based on available coverage for your clients increasing their ability to reach a maximum settlement offer.

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Quality Assurance

Multiple software systems, databases, resources, and company contacts are used to crosscheck and verify each request by the date of loss for quality assurance and accuracy.

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Requested results within hours

Expedited delivery options for when you need vital information fast.


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